Saturday, 26 February 2011

SJ's EunHyuk, suggested a kiss performance to KhunToria Couple

Super Junior's EunHyuk suggested a passionate kiss performance to the KhunToria couple.

In the coming MBC's <We Got Married> episode, it will broadcast the preparation process of Nichkhun-Victoria couple dance which was performed in the <2010 MBC Gayo Daejun>. 

Also (,) the broadcast will too, feature the helper of the duo's "Passionate couple dance" -- Super Junior's representative dancer, Eunhyuk.

Although Eunhyuk has no experience of couple dances, however under all sorts of imagination, (he) provided the KhunToria couple with ideas for the "Passionate couple dance", and one of them, which is the "Kiss performance”, got Nichkhun and Victoria flustered.

After which, Eunhyuk said that for the sake of the stage, he suggested the "Kiss performance" to the couple repetitively, and regarding the decisions the couple will make, aroused the audience's attention.

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