Stage Name : Krystal
Birth Name : Jung Soo Jung / Krystal Jung
Date of Birth : October 24, 1994
Hometown : San Francisco
Ethnicity : Korean
Height : 165 cm
Casted : 2006 SM Casting System
Specialties : Acting, Dancing
Language : English, Korean, Chinese
Siblings : Older Sister (Jessica of SNSD)
Me2day : http://me2day.net/fx_krystal

Likes : Eye shopping for clothes on the internet, Burritos
Famous Close Friend : Jessica from SNSD
Admires Christina Aguilera
Fav. Song : No Ra Jo's "Mackerel" / Rollercoaster’s “flight”
Fav. type of music : Underground, Electronic, House
Most Perfect Woman: Audrey Hepburn
Wants to meet: Clazziquai
Ideal partner : Someone uglier than her. London fashion style.
In her bag : iPod and Hand Lotion
Usual Apparel : t-shirt with denim shorts.
Most attractive f(x) member : Sulli. She has a very pretty smile that could make me jealous.
Favorite pets : Dogs for its modesty
Stress Reliever : Screaming
If she had a superpower : Teleportation
Believes Jessica Jung [ her sister ] is prettier than her.

Experience : 
2002 [CF] Lotte w/ Han Ga In
[CF] Yuhan Kimberly
[CF] OhDdooKi Curry
[CF] SK, LG Telecom
[CF] Professor Yoon English class
2009 [MV] SHINee "Juliette"
2010 [CF] Clean & Clear (read less

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