Stage Name : Amber
Birth Name : Amber Josephine Liu
Chinese Name : Liu Yi Yun
Date of Birth : September 18th, 1992
Ethnicity : Chinese
Hometown : San Fernando Valley / Orange County
Height : 167 cm
Blood Type : B
Religion : Christian
Language : English, Chinese, Korean
Audition Songs : MC the MAX - Oh Heart, Please Stop / K.Will - Left Heart
Me2day: http://me2day.net/fx_amber

Fav. Color : Red
Fav. Song : SHINee's "Nuna is very Pretty" / Taking back Sunday "What’s it Feel Like To Be A Ghost"
Fav. Bands : Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday
Likes : Cookies, Chips, Chocolate, Sweets, Oh Yes (A Korean cake snack), Hats
Famous Close Friend : Nicole from Kara
Wants to meet : Fly to the Sky
Usual Apparel : Hip Hop style, t-shirt and baggy pants
Roommate : Luna
Acts Feminine : When she eats
Favorite Pet : Rabbit
If she had a superpower : Telekinesis
Desktop Wallpaper : Childhood Photos
Stress Reliever : Screaming
Used to be a vegetarian
Thinks the right side of her face looks boyish and her left side looks cute.
Has the smallest face in f(x). Knows how to sew.

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  1. I love amber shes awesome! I hope to see her in a drama soon! I really would love to see her as a sassy friend or a crossdressing drama with her as the star!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEE